More tangible results

Monday we hiked parts of some trails we hadn’t done before, and we reached the summit of Sugarloaf Mountain in the Hudson Highlands. The weather was perfect – blue skies and a high in the 70s. It may have been pleasing without the view, but it certainly felt good after an hour of climbing to be able to see the river, the mountains to the west, and the falling-apart castle on Bannerman’s Island.


There was even a deer near the trail at one point, who did not mind us as we passed quite close to it.


Now, two days later, my knee is protesting, as it often does after a long hike. I don’t know what the problem is, but it aches like the dickens and is all inflamed. It usually goes away after a day or two. In any case, there are positive results of a long hike, and I was glad that my dh persuaded me to do it even though I hadn’t really felt like it. I got much-needed exercise and spent several hours in the woods; there is something fulfilling about walking around in so much green foliage. Going up and down the trails, especially having to scramble up and down rocks, presented a healthy challenge and gave me a sense of accomplishment.

Another accomplishment was the third article I wrote for the paper, about the first day of school in Garrison. It was surprisingly easy to write after having struggled over the one about the Cat Sanctuary, to which I felt very attached. I suppose it’s because I felt detached from the subject that made it easier to write. When I wrote about the cats I kept wanting to talk about my personal experiences there, and that is not what the editor wants. (Most of the reporters there probably want to write their our own weekly columns, and the editor’s job is to keep us from injecting ourselves into his paper.)

I have had rejections from some jobs I’ve applied to and still haven’t heard from most of them. So it was particularly gratifying to go volunteer at the farm on Tuesday, not my usual day. Harvesting beans and arugula, as tedious as it was, made me feel accomplished. Even spraying radishes was satisfying….


I found out what the farm apprentices make, though, and I doubt I will be trying for one of those any time soon.


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