Above the Fold

It’s the new term of the week. Had never heard it till I got a front-page article “above the fold.” I actually had two by-lines on the front page in this edition, and it feels awesome. Even though it’s only because a senior reporter is out of town for three weeks, and I have to cover her usual Village Board meetings, and because the meeting covered so much material, including a big bike race, that I had to write two separate articles.

I am really, really excited about this job. I am having a ball writing for this amazing publication, getting information out to the people in the community, even though the subject matter is not always riveting. I am so excited, in fact, that I suggested going to the local high school football game today to cover it, since our paper needs more sports coverage. My husband, of course, will help me, but I am glad I did go to my own high school football games as a teenager with friends on the flag team….

To help with this great job, I am looking into buying a better digital camera, to get better photos for the paper (and for myself). Does anyone out there have suggestions for a good but not too expensive entry-level digital SLR camera?

If I were offered a full-time job in the city, I think I would have a hard time leaving this paper, and I can’t think of many full-time jobs I’ve applied to that would make me want to leave.


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