End of Lent … finally!

I was marginally successful trying to give up dairy for Lent.

After writing my last post on the first week, I had fewer issues, because I learned to check ingredients before eating, and I became a little more mindful about putting things in my coffee. That and I got used to drinking my coffee black when there wasn’t any soy milk around.

On a few occasions, I had to turn down homemade cookies, knowing they were made with butter, but then I realized I could eat many store-bought cookies made with things like palm oil. Not healthy, so it was not a good substitute, but I had found a loophole.

This week, however, I have slipped a lot. There was our church’s St. Patrick’s Day Dinner, which I helped organize, and everything seemed to have meat or dairy — soda bread contains sour cream and/or buttermilk, our green drinks were made with Irish cream or milk, and I baked my salmon in butter. Saints’ feasts that we observe, of course, don’t count during Lent, so I was excused.


When a guest in others’ homes or eating out in a restaurant with few or no vegetarian/vegan options, I eat whatever is offered, so I have had cheese in pasta and other dishes a few times, especially this weekend with Shane’s family in Albany. The willpower seems to diminish exponentially in proportion to the distance of the backsliding.