Visible outcomes is kind of a dumb name

And yet, that’s what this is about, right?

Yesterday, I goofed around most of the day, as you can see from yesterday’s two video posts, but I did finally clean the apartment. Talk about visible — we had black dust on our feet, and the only place I can think it came from was the NYC air, since it accumulated mainly by the windows. The apartment looks amazing now, so I am going to try to clean something at least every other day.

You’d think if I were that compulsive and that into visible results, I’d clean and organize stuff more often. But in fact I’m quite slobby, even slobbier than my husband. It’s to the point where he has designated “clutter-free zones.” I try, of course, but usually that means moving stuff off the dining table before he gets home from work. Hey, let’s not be negative here — that’s a big deal!

It’s better to Netflix than spend the entire day playing Facebook games, especially if I’m watching documentaries and TED Talks, as I am wont to do, so at least I can say I learned something. A middle school kid I’m friends with on Facebook (through church, don’t ask) said Candy Crush is stupid and asked if she’s the only one not playing it. I know lots of people not playing it, but I do play it, rather obsessively. I play the app on my phone (five lives) and on my laptop through Facebook (five more lives). And while I’m waiting for my lives to refill, I play other King games like Farm Heroes Saga or Pet Rescue Saga or Papa Pear Saga (though the last two I can’t play anymore because not enough ‘friends’ play it to help me unlock more levels). Maybe Candy Crush is more successful because it’s not called “Candy Crush Saga.”

She’s right about it being stupid, and she’s right that everyone seems to be playing it. I actually feel embarrassed to play it in public, particularly when I see other people doing it. The ones who play it while walking are the really embarrassing ones, so I always pause my games as I transfer from bus to train. But why? Why should I feel ashamed of playing this game? At least I am not engaging in some other, more destructive compulsion, like picking at my scabs or scratching my hundreds of mosquito bites. Which, if I’m just watching Netflix or reading or sitting on public transportation, I might just do. Don’t judge me!

And while I plead for non-judgment, I simultaneously judge those who pay for more lives or boosts. But I believe in karma, so I’m going to try to withhold that judgment, else one day I’ll be paying for some imaginary stuff on the Internet and remember that time I once laughed at people who did that.

If you’ve ever been addicted to Facebook games, you should watch this Candy Crush addiction fake movie trailer; it’s got some dumb parts, but it also has hilarious bits:


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